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Need help against life’s pains and pressures? A defense against discouragement? A weapon against the spirit of depression? Try a regular dose of Christian poems for hurting and stressed-out hearts, from my poetry books Where Light Dawns and the new Be Still. Click the links for sample poems and ordering instructions!


Jesus said, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows” (John 16:33). For many, the worst trials on earth have limited relation to material concerns. “Advanced” societies are full of people ruining their health with stress and anxiety–over relatively minor problems and the accumulated weight of “little things.”

I know how it feels to torture myself with constant “have to do this, have to do that” stress. I know how it feels to live in anxiety over the prospect of something going “wrong.” I know how it feels to have depression taunt you with the idea that giving up altogether is a viable solution. And I know how it feels to have people dismiss your misery with a flippant “be a good Christian and snap out of it.”

That’s why I founded Silver Cross Publications–so people who’ve heard that line can also hear comforting words from someone who understands it’s not always that easy for everyone.

As a writer, I offer Bible-based comfort, inspiration, and motivation–even a dose of stress-busting humor–to those who need it most. (And to any other interested parties who happen along.) My mission is built around sharing Scripturally sound ways to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of stress before they go too far;
  • Understand the causes and effects of depression (genuine major depression is far more than a “bad attitude”–it’s a clinical illness in need of healing);
  • Prevent excessive stress–and resulting depression–where possible;
  • Know what to do when all-out depression does strike;
  • Understand God’s true attitude toward stress and depression.

Here’s to a shared Christian walk into ever-increasing hope and peace!

Attn: Mental-Health and Caring-Ministry Representatives: As the Word is a vehicle for God’s hope, the written word in general is an excellent vehicle for conveying that hope–and as with any other channel, God gives some people particular skill in that area. If the quality of your written materials–curricula, blogs, press releases–needs more of that special excellence, consider engaging my professional writing services. I will help you plan and create the best and most effective writing, rich in encouragement and radiating quality, to advance your mission and reputation! Mail me direct with the e-address link below, or go to the Contact page of this site.

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