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I create brand-building posts for organizations that guide their clients in overcoming emotional struggles and creating better lives. My primary focus, which also helps advance organizational missions by providing helpful advice to the public, is inspirational peer-to-peer writing that motivates individuals to become their own best selves.

You care about your clients. You want to give them–and others like them–the best possible encouragement for overcoming their struggles. And you know that, while it takes more than a few life hacks to beat a serious mental illness or substance-abuse problem, the option of choosing from simple-to-implement ideas–especially when the ideas are fun to read and regularly available–can often be just the encouragement someone needs to stand up and move in the right direction.   

And it’s so easy to create a social media account or a blog, you felt more than ready to start posting advice on several fronts. Then came the letdown period: you ran out of ideas for posts, the ones you put up hardly got any attention, and writing several hundred words several times a week is proving to be much harder work than you expected.

Perhaps you even tried to delegate the pressure by placing a Craigslist ad for a $20-per-post “freelance blogger”–only to learn the hard way that you get what you pay for

So all your “new post” buttons have now sat untouched for months, and you don’t even want to think about trying again. Yet, you’re still hearing how other organizations use regular posts to help the public and to attract new clients and supporters, and you wonder: Might it be worth the larger investment to hire a real professional writer? 

Katherine Swarts, Content Writer

Well, I can tell you that it is. Of course I’m prejudiced, being the professional writer whom I hope you’ll hire. But there’s evidence I know what I’m talking about:

  • I have over 20 years of professional writing experience, online and off, and have published over 150 articles at professional rates. (See the Articles page for some recent samples.)
  • My current and recent clients include multiple players in the mental and behavioral health fields. A few examples: Kemah Palms RecoveryLakeview HealthThe Menninger Clinic
  • I have years of personal experience with the stress of feeling “different” from “normal” people (in preferred career path, emotional reaction to frustrations, comfort with gregarious socializing–take your pick).

Plus, I guarantee 100 percent dependability in meeting deadlines; in accurate research and proofreading; and in keeping all promises.

So I believe that my writing services may be just the investment you need to encourage your clients and others like them, and to spread knowledge of your brand and expertise among the general public, with regular posts that keep people coming back for more. 

Why not schedule a free consultation? Contact Me at ks@houstonfreelancewriter.com or 832-573-9501. It might help you change lives!