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Content Writer (n.): A professional writer who specializes in preparing effective text for websites, online articles, and social media, by researching topics appropriate to the interests of a business’s or blog’s target market, and turning that research into written material designed to attract clients and customers by providing free samples of helpful advice or entertainment, as a magazine blends pure information (articles) with sales information (advertisements).

“Attract clients and customers”–sounds good, right?


Placing a Craigslist ad for a “freelance blogger” won’t likely bring you that level of content effectiveness. In fact, if you’re looking for a content writer you can pay at the $10-per-post level, you might as well close this window now, because you won’t find one here. If your budget is that tight, you’d do well to stop looking for anyone who charges anything, because low-level prices mean low-value results, and $10 spent on a shoddy article is still $10 wasted, and $10-here-$10-there still leaves a gaping hole in your profits before anyone realizes what happened.

If you’re blessed with a volunteer who’ll handle your content writing for nothing, congratulations–provided that the volunteer knows your target market intimately and writes better than the average person. (If you have a “Volunteer” page on your website, include “past publishing credits a plus” under the “writer/editor” description.) And if they’re no better than the average $10 blogger–well, at least you haven’t lost anything, in the financial sense anyway.

Or, as the business owner, you may want to handle the content writing yourself. If so, more power to you–and to help you out, here’s a link to a “Content-Writing Tip of the Week” sign-up. Guaranteed no more than 25 words per tip; your time is limited and valuable.

You’re Worth It!

Then again, your time may be too valuable to spend much of it on content writing–especially if that isn’t your primary business skill. In that case, why not consider an experienced freelancer? Yes, they cost more in dollars than volunteers, even more per hour than staff writers (though savings in employee-related expenses usually more than make up the difference). But then, as a businessperson, you know better than anybody: money spent wisely isn’t just a purchase. It’s an investment to increase future profits.  

Katherine Swarts, Content Writer

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With years of writing experience online and off (see the Articles page for a few samples), much of it for major players such as The Menninger Clinic, I’m willing to bet I can give you content that will get people coming back for more of the same–and for more of you. 

If you’re even a little interested by now, why not start by requesting a free 15-minute telephone consultation? No obligations or high pressure involved, and you’ll get some starter website-improvement tips in the bargain!

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