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Every brand needs an ongoing supply of fresh content.
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Katherine Swarts, Freelance Content Writer and Marketer
Health Specialist

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Valuable content is more than “just writing”–and every organization needs writers who understand that.

You care about your clients. You want to give them–and others like them–the best possible encouragement for overcoming their struggles. And you know that, while it takes more than a few life hacks to beat long-running challenges, the option of choosing from simple-to-implement ideas–especially when the ideas are fun to read and regularly available–can often be the encouragement someone needs to get moving in the right direction.

Especially if you’re an established name in health care, you also know the value of effective content marketing–blog posts, e-booklets, social media posts–for strengthening your brand and bringing in new clients, not to mention providing an additional means of serving the public. You probably have one or more content marketers on staff already. But sometimes it seems you can never get enough ideas–or enough writers to keep your content updated.

That’s where it pays to have regular freelance writers to supplement your content-marketing staff. Experienced professional writers like myself. See the Articles page for just a few of the 200+ articles I have created for mental-health providers and others.

Plus, I guarantee good proofreading/editing; an ongoing stream of new post ideas; and 100 percent dependability on deadlines.

Let’s talk! Contact me at ks@houstonfreelancewriter.com or 832-573-9501.