“Katherine has assisted our web content needs by providing consistently well-written and authoritatively researched articles that are also SEO-savvy and require little to no edits. In a day and age when many self-market themselves as writers but really don’t know how to write, Katherine is a writing professional at the top of her game. She is also reliable in meeting deadlines and exudes collegiality. I recommend her to anyone looking for a solid web content writer.”


Kristina Robb-Dover, published author


“For years, Katherine has written her ‘Self-Care for the Caregiver’ and ‘Not Normal Life’ columns for our newsletters. Every month, we can count on her for an informative article that provides comfort and guidance to those impacted by mental illness. Katherine is amazing in turning in her work on time and without prompting. In addition to her pieces for our newsletter, I have come to rely upon Katherine’s amazing proofreading skills. I know that once Katherine has reviewed something that I have written…. it’s always good to go. Simply put, Katherine Swarts is an amazing writer, editor and most of all, a phenomenal asset to NAMI Greater Houston. Any organization or business would be lucky to find as proficient a writer.”


–Glenn Urbach, Executive Director, NAMI Greater Houston


“Katherine is a first-rate editor and writer with an exquisite gift for prose. She can turn the most basic notes into a well-crafted article. She has an uncanny way of understanding my voice and putting it into written form. Katherine has saved me hours of valuable time, I struggle to get my thoughts on paper in a timely matter, but with Katherine’s help I have been able to maintain two regular blog sites with twice-weekly submissions. I recommend her services to anyone who is struggling to keep up a regular, well-written blog, or who wants to start one.

“Since Katherine has been writing my blog posts, readers have commented that the quality has improved significantly. I recommend her to anyone who needs great content delivered on schedule—she is 100% dependable with deadlines as well as quality.”



–Debbie Elder, Set Them Up For Success


“Not only is Katherine reliable as a freelance writer, her work speaks volumes to the talent she has. Her ‘life hacks’ style of writing really engages the reader with helpful tips and relatable scenarios that people can relate to. The first article she did for us, ‘10 Top Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude,’ was very well received on our website as it garnered almost 50 shares and earned almost 200 Likes on Facebook.”

–Alexis Franzi, Social Media and Content Specialist, Lakeview Health


“Katherine’s writing and proofing skills were critical in adding value to our accurate communications, on-line and on paper. Her bold persistence and networking was a vital link to our community awareness. She lives what she teaches and inspires us with her transparency and success. Thank you, Katherine.”

–Steve Duson, Executive Director, Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers